About Us

Joule Foods ' we believe precious, priceless, valued and treasured products for all of you. Our efforts and values have always been guided by these words of encouragement, whether it is being one of the biggest packaged food brands in India. A trusted brand among the consumers for decades. Every milestone we reach inspire us to set our goal on coimbatore ‘Joule Foods ’ pride lies in witnessing smiles that our products bring on the lips of thousands of consumers every day.

Transforming innovative products from farmland to dining table

All are patentable products

100% fitness and youthness guaranteed

Ideal for diet and weight watchers

Athletic food with good stamina

Free from pesticides and fertilizers

Contains natural(not fortified and added) protien,vitamins,minerals,amino acids and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids

Developed for urban consumers and nuclear families wih double income

Brain Behind Business

Our products are stomach friendly By holding the hands of indian people.we are going to get them in to the new world of food habit with all nutrients We will change the life style of indian women inside the kitchen In future our project will conquer the entire field of Masala's and Instant mixes. We will emerge as a super power in this field . For each and every step in your kitchen we will guide you, we will support you and we will be always with you. Investors in this project can invest without any hesitation since india is a huge market with 123 crores of population. Friends who wants to participate in this global business can search for an investor or a corporate company which can invest huge money to over come the population of india.